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Testing Land - Practical Software Testing

Testing Land mission of statement is to provide software testing information.

The information of software testing in the internet is almost unlimited. By nature most of the testing methodologies in the web are written from theoretical angle. Testing Land covers lots of practical software testing information based on personal experience form being a tester to managing small and large testing groups.

Our goal is to help you succeed with the desired software testing you need.

The testing information is divided to testing subjects and each subject is presented in a designated page.

  • Testing groups - Unit, Sub-System, System and Acceptance tests
  • Testing methods - Migration test, Regression test
  • Defects - Defect tracking
  • Automatic test
  • Test environments Production environment testing
  • Test cases types
  • Test case execution (run)
  • Testing tools
  • Measurements for testing
  • Real live scenarios testing
  • Special test machines
  • Volume tests
  • Performance tests
  • Integration tests
  • Interface tests
  • Software changes tests
  • Tests new Requirement
  • Conversion tests
  • Professional Tester

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